Harvard Trip Balance,Dual Beam Balance Scale,Dual Beam Balance balance

  • Harvard Trip Balance,Dual Beam Balance Scale with Stainless Steel Plate Weigh Pans JPT-20A
  • Two Stainless Steel Platforms

    This mechanical scale has two durable stainless steel weighing platforms for comparison weighing in labs and classrooms. Unlike gold or silver, stainless steel doesn’t scratch easily and keeps its shine without rusting or tarnishing.

  • Double Weighing Beams

    This beam balance has two weight beams for more precise weighing. The larger beam measures to 200 grams with 10 gram resolution and the smaller to 10 grams with 0.1 gram resolution.

  • Tare Poise

    This mechanical balance comes equipped with a tare poise. This will let ya zero the weight of a separate container without the need for additional counter weights. You can tare up to 225 grams of weight with this beam balance.

  • Zero Adjust Knob

    Before you start weighing with the Harvard 1560SD you can make sure it’s set to zero by using the zero knob on the side of the balance. This can help assure you’re getting the most accurate weight readings from this Harvard Trip balance.

  • Magnetic Damping

    You don’t have to worry about this balance bouncing around taking forever to stabilize. Ohaus was smart with this mechanical balance and designed it with a magnetic damping system to make weighing and reading your weights quick and painless.

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