scroll pens,.custom scroll pensScroll Pens is an advertising/promotional pen. Can pull the banner out to see more details of the sponsor’s informations. The pull out/roll out banner can sized up to 168*68cm, and can be printed on both sided (front and back) in full color offset color. Click the above image to see big pictures with details.

The Promotional Scroll Pens is a Unique New Concept!

The Scroll Pens is the latest innovative promotional gift that is both functional and informative. They are used as corporate printed pens, trade show give aways, promotional product items, charity products, business items or a unique business card. This promotional pen has an immediate impact.

The promotional products buyer is always looking for a new standout concept that will really grab people’s attention. The brochure pen has just hit the market and new adopters are extremely happy with the response from clients, prospects and members.

Unlike traditional giveaways that people swiftly forget about, the promotional brochure pen is something that will keep on selling, informing and educating your prospects for months.
Each time they pull out the brochure to show colleagues and friends, relevant information about your business, products or services will be displayed. Remember it is hard today to find a promotional product that really catches peoples attention but also has a useful function.

Importantly the Scroll Pens is an inexpensive option compared to many other promotional pens.

So often companies spend money on giveaways that have no useful application. The Promotional Brochure Pen is a product that will give you a good return on your promotional dollars. When marketing budgets are tight these pens, at around one dollar, are excellent value.
Features of the Printed Promotional Pen
# High quality printed promotional pen with a long life cartridge to prolong the pens useful life.
# The Clear barrel of the pen allows for a much larger branding area then other printed pens.
# Full colour printing on both sides of the brochure give a selling and branding opportunity then other printed pens cant match.
# The cost of the printed promotional pen makes a very affordable business item / giveaway.
# Large quantity buying attracts super competitive pricing.
# High perceived value product.
# Colour matching of pens to your corporate colours makes it a fantastic business item.

We are professional promotional gift supplier, you can see some of Scroll Pens reference clients


Where to order: (Price as low as USD0.4/pc, and free shipping to your door!) *1

Scroll Pens order link for 500+ for USA, West Euro, Australia clients

Scroll Pens order link for small quantity 100 – 500 pcs for North America, West Euro, Australia clients

Scroll Pens order link for 500+ for clients from Africa, South America,East Euro, Mid East


*1 This low price is based on certain quantity and delivery location. See details by clicking above order link.

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scroll pens,.custom scroll pens

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  1. Ordered those scroll pens for event of health and wellness fair. Pens looks good. The scroll out function is a great way to promote our company

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