Custom Contactless Safety Door Opener Handheld Zero Touch Reusable Keychain Tool

EDC touchless Door Opener WINDO-2 gold.jpg

EDC touchless Door Opener WINDO-2 gold.jpg Customize the metal contactless door opener keychains with your company logo. We can laser engrave your logo on one side or both sides.
Features of WINDO-2 ✅Ergonomic design makes it easy to open doors, press buttons & pull levers. ✅Easy to hang on a key chain that you carry around everyday. ✅Can reduce contact area by more than 99%. ✅Avoid direct contact between hands and pollutant in the air. ✅Avoid touching public touchscreens like store checkouts. contactless-safety-door-opener-keyrings.jpg Description ★ High-Quality Material: Made from a Zinc alloy, practical and durable. ★ Easy to Carry: It is a daily key chain tool with small size, easy to carry every day. ★ Humanized Design: The ergonomic design makes it easy to press buttons, open and pull doors. ★ Wide Range of Application: Door handles works on levers, pulls, sliding doors, elevator buttons, credit card machines, and etc.
It is great for: Door Handles: Works on levers, pulls and sliding doors Touchscreens: Like store checkouts and digital signatures Buttons: Great for elevator buttons and credit card machines Portable-Contactless-Button-Tool-door-opener-keyrings-WINDO-2.jpg

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