Brass Newton Spring Scales, Heavy Duty

  • heavy duty brass Newton spring scales
  • Brass barrel, heavy duty.
  • Convenient Weight Marker

    When ya give this spring scale a tug, the weight marker will slide to the appropriate weight and stay there until ya move it back to zero. This will help ya out when you’re weighing items that are a little on the heavy side. Load, weigh, unload, check your weights…it’s really simple.

  • This Thing Sure Is Durable

    This mechanical scale was built to last. Inside the corrosion resistant housing you’ll find stainless steel components that are attached to the stainless steel weighing hook and hanger. Whether ya want to use this as a fishing scale, hunting scale, bow scale, or just a great general purpose scale, you’re good to go with this Halsun.


The spring balance actually measures force, but for convenience is calibrated in kg on the basis that when it is used normally [weight force] = m * g where m is the mass in kg and g the acceleration due to gravity. (9.8 m/s^2)
So you just need to multiply the scale reading by 9.8 to get the force measurement in newtons.
1 kg reading => 9.8 N
2 kg reading => 19.6 N etc

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