Customized Sport Stress Balls

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Customized Sport Stress Balls. Imprinted with Your Logo
Custom stress balls are the perfect giveaway for people of all ages and in any industry. An extremely popular novelty item, promotional stress balls are available in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes.
With our huge selection you are sure to find a stress ball that will look great customized with your logo. Get your brand noticed and shop for stress balls today!
Everyone can appreciate promotional stress balls, especially the fun ones. While custom stress balls are usually a staple at events like conferences and trade shows, these items can be distributed anytime and anywhere. Give them out to employees as a fun way to show your appreciation, or present them to guests as the perfect party favors. With the vast selection of customized stress balls available, you can find one that’s perfect for your individual needs.
Imprinted stress balls are an easy and affordable way to promote your brand. Users will squeeze these custom stress balls while on the phone with clients or during a meeting. Their tension will melt away and they’ll know exactly who to thank since your logo will be prominently displayed Browse our collection of personalized stress balls by category.
Production time of logo imprint on our present models: 3-4 weeks. (Plus delivery time: 1 week by air/commercial express; 3-4 weesk by sea shipment).  Check all of our availabe stress balls.
We also offer developing completely new stress toys from scratch based on  your idea/sample/design.

Turning Mascots, People, Buildings and Products into Custom Stress Balls

Custom stress toys can be designed from an existing brand character or mascot. Or they can be created from the ground up to bring an entirely new idea or message to fun toy life. Popular ideas that are created as customized stress balls:

  • Product replicas
  • Mascots
  • People (stress toy figures or stress dolls)
  • Animals
  • Buildings
  • Logos and 3D graphics
  • & almost any unique design or idea

Many shapes and sizes of custom squeeze balls can be created – from mini stress relievers, toys with plastic bendy arms and legs, to stress relievers with sound chips. There are few limits. As a design-focused custom stress ball manufacturer, Happy Worker enjoys pushing new boundaries in stress toy design. See details as following: 

Mold Making (Tooling) Time :  about 2 weeks based on normal size.

 Time for sampling is about 3 weeks to your hands (send via DHL/FEDEX/TNT,etc commercial express )

Total time from design to finished products: 7 – 8 weeks. (By sea shipment will need about 4 weeks for delivery, and by air shipment / commercial express cost about 1 week)


Quantities: New molding require 5000 pcs

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